letter to the editor

The big-money green-lie

Mon, 09/26/2022 - 4:30pm

Dear Editor:

It’s the big-money green-lie.

Maine lobstermen are not killing whales.

Progressive, woke Democrats climate change scams are killing the heart and soul of Maine.

No evidence.

Zero whales have been killed in this century by lobster gear entanglements. Solar and wind equal a financial bonanza for politicians, long-standing innocuous traditions are standing (fishing) in their way.

No leadership.

Elected officials sworn-in to represent and protect are cashing-in on special interest, new-green deal-threats that do not exist.

No Judiciary.

George Soros appointed judges won’t even hear our case. 

No adherence to the Constitution. No one voted for the expulsion of fossil fuels. This is being forced upon all Americans..

We no longer live in a representative democracy. This is the very vile, contemptible expression of fascism the current President accuses conservatives of committing.

If not halted and eradicated, Janet Mills, Angus King, Chellie Pingree and the entire Democrat state legislature will place us all under the yoke of , “Environmentalist Fascism.”

The lobster industry is Maine. Do not give in to evil. Vote a straight Republican ticket this November.

Dave Gregg