Bayville Buzz

Mon, 09/18/2023 - 1:15pm

Thankfully, Lee left Bayville relatively unscathed. A couple of downed trees and loss of power and WiFi. One of said trees did fall on Liz's roof, but luckily made a soft landing and there was no damage. 

The saying, "what a difference a day makes," certainly was true this past weekend. Saturday's storm was followed by a picture perfect day on Sunday. Of course, some of us had listened to our resident weather expert (who shall remain nameless) and had to watch the fun from shore as we had all pulled our boats. As a goodwill gesture, he has promised free boat rides to anyone who asks, as somehow his boat remained in the water! In all seriousness, it is fortunate the storm turned out the way it did. Some weren't quite so fortunate as I did see one dock on Spruce Point that was pretty heavily damaged.

On Saturday, Ocean Point parking was scarce as many came to see the roiling sea. Though the wind was out of the north, the views of the crashing surf were quite impressive. 

Mary Beth and daughter Eloise are visiting (Patrick will be out soon) and are excited to have found a place in Tallwood. No one is more excited though than Mary Beth's sister, Barbara Spencer! Mary Beth and Patrick now have the difficult task of figuring out how to split their time between Malibu and BBH.

Congratulations to Dan Neilsen who just graduated with a master’s in sculpture from the Royal College of Art in London. Way to go Dan! Though Dan is staying across the pond, he will be making a giant sculpture of two trees that will be placed on Fishhawk since the tides are too high to support living ones. 

Due to technical difficulties and permitting issues, the karaoke bar scheduled for Saturday will have to wait. Thomas Hultin proved (once again) that he can make a pretty sweet drink from just about anything. This time it was another find from that familiar brand, Under the Stairs. 

Though the season is winding down, there is still plenty of fun to be had. Enjoy and send your news - no matter how boring - to