Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee

Bartlett called to discuss CMP rate hikes with Legislature

Work session set for Maine Power Delivery
Mon, 02/10/2020 - 2:00pm
Rep. Seth Berry, D-Bowdoinham, said a joint standing committee he is House chair of, Energy, Utilities and Technology, is scheduled to meet with Maine Public Utilities Chair Phil Bartlett at 1 p.m. Feb. 13, to explain MPUC’s recent decision to assess a temporary penalty of $10 million on Central Maine Power over 18 months, while giving CMP an indefinite 6.9% rate increase.
“A key question for the committee will be whether existing state and federal laws provide regulators any choice other than ‘too big to fail’ decisions that effectively lead to a culture of entitlement at large utilities, due to a perceived lack of competition,” Berry said.
Berry said he encouraged those interested in a “proven alternative” to a massive for-profit utility to look at LD 1646, an act to create a consumer-owned utility, Maine Power Delivery Authority. The bill is in committee, and may be voted on this session. On Feb. 13, after  the meeting with Bartlett, the committee will hold a work session on LD 1646.