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Baked stuffed haddock with lobster Newburg

Wed, 05/22/2019 - 7:30am

Okay, back to a real Maine dish – baked stuffed haddock (fresh from Pinkham’s, of course) topped off with a lobster Newburg (once again Pinkham’s, just picked a half of pound of the freshest lobster meat around).

I bought four filets of haddock, then the stuffing is made with the same recipe I use for my baked stuffed lobsters —two sleeves of Ritz crackers, a tablespoon of garlic, a dash of onion powder, one stick of melted butter, half a bottle of chili sauce, and two tablespoons (or more, depending on your taste) of Worcestershire sauce. Mix the stuffing ingredients, stuff your haddock, and bake for 20 minutes at 375 degrees.

While the fish is cooking, heat up your sauté pan with a tablespoon of real butter, throw in your lobster meat with a couple shots of dry sherry and a can of evaporated milk. Lower your heat and mix two tablespoons of corn starch with really cold water (one third of a cup). I shake mine in a small Tupperware container. Add the corn starch slowly to your pan to thicken (I go slow because you might not need all of the liquid to thicken — everyone likes a certain consistency).

Nailed it. The picture I’ve posted was of my wonderful hubby’s plate topped off, with homemade biscuits … Marie McLellan’s biscuit recipe. I loved that woman. Her biscuits were the best ever! Mine are close but hers were the best.

It’s a busy time on our peninsula. Lots of places are opening up for the tourist season. Please remind yourselves you only live once. I get it, we have to make the money when it’s available, but please don’t forget to live. One day you’re going to wake up and it will be too late to do what you want … every day is a gift.

Still rocking on the soccer pitch in Boothbay on Wednesday nights at 5 p.m. for practice and games on Saturday, 10 a.m. sharp. We encourage people to come watch on Saturday mornings; it’s a great way to start your day! Please come watch and support our youth.

Please enjoy your week, folks, stay safe, and always be kind.