letter to the editor

Aspects of change

Posted:  Monday, March 25, 2019 - 4:45pm

Dear Editor:

I consider myself lucky to have been born in Boothbay Harbor. Early on I became aware of the crowds of summer visitors, coming from all over the world, to see our town. My father, Wolcott Webster, called this region “God’s Country” and so do I, having lived here all my life (79 years and still counting!).

Over time, I have witnessed seasons of change, such as the idea in the ’60s that the inner harbor area should be filled in to the footbridge allowing the possibilities of a parking garage and a boardwalk — all of which was speculation that faded away with no damage done. On the other hand, I welcomed the foundation of Barrett’s Park, brought to reality by local citizens who cared about appropriating that property as a future resource for both recreation and a landing for fishermen.

Later on, the Whale Park came into being on town property, which used to be a parking lot. This space was the source for much discussion, given its use as a place for lobstermen to drop off and pick up their traps; but with adjusted thinking for the greater good, this space was given picnic tables, a stage for outdoor events, and restrooms, among other things, such as a great spot to sit and enjoy the view.

Right now, Boothbay Harbor is about to determine a future possibility regarding property on our east side. Since we are all citizens on this neck of the coast, this decision will affect the entire peninsula.

Viewing the use of dwindling space as a crucial issue, I am partial to a home port that everyone can enjoy. The visitors I have met throughout my experience dealing with the public seem to want what we already have! They delight in meeting the locals who can send them to special places, where there is a history to tell. I would love to see a park where Fish’s property now stands. It would offer an affordable common ground for family occasions, class reunions, weddings and memorials.

In my opinion, the intrinsic value of a treasured space being given to the future purpose of enriching our community is priceless!

June Webster Campbell Rose