Arts and Yachts, a boatload of art

Posted:  Monday, August 14, 2017 - 4:00pm

Hodgdon Yacht Services hosted the Lincoln Arts Festival for its 22nd Arts and Yachts Exhibition. This is the Lincoln Arts Festival’s 37th season.

President Jody Lunt said the yachts portion started last year to include the marina and the yachts theme. “We decided that since we’re using the boatyard that Hodgdon Yacht Services generously lets us have, that we would also add a yachts section. We could never do this except in the middle of August when they don’t have boats in storage, so the timing of our show works beautifully.”

At last year’s exhibit, a large boat had to be moved outside to make room for the arts portion, Lunt recalled. “The only place they could keep it was between the two sheds. So, it stuck out and everybody thought that was part of the exhibit. It had to be 50 or 60 feet long.”

The reception on Friday, Aug. 11 had about 125 people. Conley’s Garden Center donated the plants and Boothbay Region Greenhouses donated the ficus trees. Various people donated most of the food. The boats on display included kayaks, canoes, a foldable skiff, and a sailboat as well as model boats both large and small, remote control and display.

One of the canoes on display had been brought in by a man unknown to Lunt or any of the boatbuilders or artists at the exhibit. “(He) drove in with a big truck, a long bed, with Oregon plates, with this thing in it. I thought ‘I don’t know who you are, but that’s fine.’ As long as he takes it away in time!”

Lunt said compared to the arts portion which is meticulously planned, the yachts portion is very casual. “You figure out where you’re going to put your stuff because it’s first come, first serve, whereas the art show is very carefully planned with what the different mediums are. They have to, it’s 26 people.”

What was once the Lincoln County Festival’s Arts Exhibit is now the Arts and Yachts Exhibit. Said Lunt, “The boats are true works of art. These are real treasures.”