Maine Photography Show

‘Arctic Visitor’ is Best of Show 2022

Mon, 04/11/2022 - 12:45pm

Story Location:
1 Townsend Avenue
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
United States

    Hallowell photographer Jennifer Bechard was awarded Best of Show for her stunning photograph of a Snowy Owl in flight entitled, “Arctic Visitor.” Bechard is a professional photographer specializing in fine art portrait and equine photography.

    Awards were presented to the photographers at Boothbay Region Art Foundation on Saturday, April 9. There are 112 gorgeous photos in the 17th annual event at BRAF, and they are all for sale!

    Wrote juror Reid Callanan: “The eyes are locked on the photographer as the Snowy Owl floats by in slow motion, wings perfectly splayed to show off its magnificence. This is a perfectly composed image with a long rock as a leading line as its base and a softly blurred winter backdrop – all placed to center our attention on this haunting creature.”

    First place in Color category: “Bedroom Wall Series - For Love” by Felice Boucher. Juror writes, “A portrait perfectly composed, technically brilliant, and emotionally powerful is a rarity. This is such a portrait. Its color palette is especially pleasing. This stunning image captures our hearts and moves our souls.”

    Special category/Home: Deb Dawson’s “Reflecting.” Juror comments: “This photo does a great job of blending the inside and outside worlds on a single pane of glass. Inside, the subject reflects on the upcoming morning with a Mason jar of coffee. Outside the lovely early light beckons. The top of the frame holds a special visual treat: a touch of a red shirt tucked inside the jacket collar.”

    First place B&W category: Allen Cairns’ “Strong and Tall.” Juror comments: “This quiet, elegant landscape is one of the simplest and strongest in the competition. The chosen tree, bare of foliage, is so beautifully proportioned and grows proudly by itself on a gentle hillside. The photographer’s decision to use a warm tone black and white hue creates a peaceful mood. This image will stand the test of time.”

    First place Student category: “Island Pigs” by Helen Davis. Juror writes, “I am attracted to and pulled into this fine documentary image by the pleasing overall pink hue. Once fully engaged by the lovely color palette, I enjoy the way the moment is captured as the two pigs enjoy their meal. They are the primary focus, but the other elements in the backyard have their place and role in setting the scene – lobster traps, blue container, white bucket, and green side in the distance. A well seen photograph.”

    The show sponsors made contributions for the cash prizes totaling $1,800 – $500 for Best of Show! The show award sponsors are First National Wealth Management, Bath Savings, First Light Camera Club, Portland Camera Club, Boothbay Boat Sales; and Sponsors for Students, Ella and Knapp Hudson.

    The show will be up at the gallery, 1 Townsend Ave., Boothbay Harbor through May 6. The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    As in previous years, works are also available at this online Gallery. For more information on the show, call BRAF at 633-2703.