Another successful Sunrise Photography Cruise to see the area lighthouses

Tue, 09/14/2021 - 8:30am

    The now annual Sunrise Lighthouse Photography cruise was on Sept. 11 and about two dozen people were at Pier 8 a little before 6 a.m. to attend the cruise.

    Some of the best views of the local lighthouses can only be seen early in the morning and from the water and with the weather cooperating nicely everyone was treated to some beautiful light, great look angles and the opportunity to make postcard perfect images.

    This Photo Tourism cruise drew folks from out of state including New York and from the Carolinas as well as some folks from Southern Maine who had come aboard the June Photography cruise for Windjammer Days.

    Everyone wants to make memorable images of their vacation in Maine and what better way than aboard a photography cruise where you will get assistance to help you to make your best shot.  Whether you have a professional or a cell phone camera this photography cruise was the perfect place for people to capture the beauty of the area lighthouses.

    One unique view that we look for on this cruise is a shot that includes Ram Island light and the Cuckolds Light station framed up under the cat walk in a single frame. Captain Bill Campbell maneuvers the Balmy Days vessel perfectly to allow everyone aboard to capture this very unique view of both lighthouses.

    What makes this photography cruise special is having the time afforded and a professional photographer aboard to help with the lining up of the look angles to assist folks to make their best shots as opposed to just steaming right by that often happens with a typical harbor cruise.

    Already there is a plan to do this cruise again next year and as was also mentioned aboard was the commitment of another Windjammer Days Photography cruise next June that will also be hosted by Maine photographer Michael Leonard.  This past summer that cruise sold out a week before the event and anyone thinking of wanting to attend next year should consider booking early. 

    To see a list of photography events happening in Maine visit Mike’s website and click on the Photo Events Tab at