‘After the Mist Clears’ filming at BRV

Wed, 05/26/2021 - 3:00pm

Wednesday, May 26 was day two of filming at Boothbay Railway Village for Director Christophe Herreros, Assistant Director Manon Pietrzak, Director of Photography Margot Besson, Sound Engineer Julia Martin and gaffer Makoto Matsuo. And just because they’re producers, don’t think Clemence Crepin Neel, Igor Courtecuisse and Elsa Klughertz weren’t busy. They were helping Besson, Matsuo and Martin.

“After the Mist Clears” locations around the Village were in front of Boothbay Town Hall, the Model Railroad exhibit, and Freeport Station in the early evening.

Two fine horses from Burke’s Island Farm, accompanied by Amy Reny and Becky Abbott, looked right at home at the Village; you expect them to be there.

Some of the extras in the morning’s shoot were Christopher Armstead, Imij Armstead, Gretchen Armstead, Katie Scattergood, Catherine McCarron, Bill Wood, Pam Olson, Robert Olson and Darlene Bailey. Civil War soldiers were Thomas Pinette and Joseph Donahue.

The crew and cast had been on site since 6:30 a.m. and there was a lot of waiting between takes.