Wed, 08/24/2022 - 11:45pm

marz.gifThe best thing about puppies is that EVERYTHING is new to them. Even the same old stupid garden hose is an amazing rock and roll show for them:
Fudgie vs. Hose

Marz / Fudgie is now 9 months old. Officially he has 9 brain cells according to the AKC handbook on Labrador Retrievers:

"A Lab shall GAIN one (1) brain cell for every month alive until such lab reaches seven years. Upon that lab's seventh (7th) birthday, the lab shall LOSE one (1) brain cell for every month alive. Under NO circumstances shall a Labrador Retriever have more than than 84 brain cells at any given time. A Lab with more brain cells than 84 shall be classified a 'Chesapeake Bay Retriever.'"

There's a heatwave going on in Maine for the next couple weeks. Stay tuned for cute pics / video of when I go swimming with Marz.

That is sure to blow his 10-braincell little mind, and possibly your own large self-impaired mind.


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