The Lincoln Home: The View from Both Sides of the Door

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 11:00am

For eleven years, I have been sharing the wonderful stories of The Lincoln Home through my photos, press releases, print and social media. My job is an easy one, my passion runs deep for what I have
witnessed time and again in the competency, compassion and integrity of the team that makes life full and rich for this community of seniors.

Recently, my 97 year old mother in law, a strong and fiercely independent Cape Codder, decided she needed more care than she was able to get at home.
Hilda agreed that being close to family would make her transition easier, as hard as it would be to give up her independence and her home.

In less than a week, Director Lynn Norgang walked us through all the details of the process that needed to take place to make the move a reality. Chris Jones facilitated countless details, offering encouragement and support. Staff and residents alike offered to make Hilda feel welcome. The attention to detail, care and compassion my husband and I experienced from the entire LH staff gave a whole new level of meaning to the stories I have been telling over the years.

One phone call, that I will never forget, epitomizes the entire culture at LH. On our long and stressful ride up from Cape Cod, I called to say we would be much later than I hoped to arrive. Alisa Grierson
answered the call, with “How can we make this easier for you? What can we do to help?” And that is exactly what each and every resident, and family, receives day in and day out, from every member of the staff who give from their heart.

As for Hilda? She raves about the great food (thank you Julie and crew!) and loves all the service she is receiving from the wonderful staff. Clean laundry, clean room, medication management, round the clock check ins, room service...quality of life, top notch care, peace of mind....PRICELESS.

A heartfelt thank you, to all of you, who do all that you do for so many, Kim Skillin Traina