Last Community Lunch of the Season!!

Sun, 03/26/2023 - 10:15am

Monday, March 27th, will mark the end of the first winter season of Community Lunches at Brady's. Tancy Mitchell’s vision of continuing to bring the community together through food and fellowship was expanded this year by having local businesses and groups host the lunch every week.  This idea took flight quickly and during the season of 24 weeks Tancy had 20 different hosts and another partner in her endeavor with Lisa Hallinan. .  Next season’s lineup is already underway with many returning hosts and a few new ones as well. 

The last week of the season is a group effort with hosts throughout the season bringing in something special. A special shout out to Hannaford and Chuck Cunningham for supplying Lisa with all the makings for a great chicken stir fry.  We hope to see everyone Monday and we can almost bet Tancy and Lisa will have something very special ready for everybody to enjoy!!