Snowtubing with BRES’ kindergarten kids

Posted:  Monday, March 13, 2017 - 10:15am

Kindergarten students at Boothbay Region Elementary School and many parents sailed down the snowtubing slopes at Seacoast Fun Park in Windham on March 10. 

The kids had a blast flying down the slopes individually, in snowtubes built for two, and in a few customized arrangements attaching three or four single tubes together. LOOK OUT!

Fortunately the weather, although not sunny, wasn’t too cold — just right in fact for spending a few hours at play, leaving the spelling and reading be for a day.

Screams and shouts of delight that escaped the lips of kids, parents, a few grandparents (brave souls that they were) and teachers, could be heard over the rock ‘n roll piped through the outdoor speakers as they took flight down the slopes. 

There were a few instances of kids slipping out of the tubes — sometimes before sailing over the bump on each of the four or five banked slopes ... but, it’s all part of the experience! 

Kindergarten teachers Lucy Ann Spaulding, Lisa Andrews and Deb Mellor took the final ride of the day at 11:45 a.m.

The entire group stopped for ice cream in Topsham before returning to the school, because, as Mrs. Spaulding said, “You HAVE to stop for ice cream!”

Yep, frosty confections are all part of the experience, too ...