SugarSpell Sweets: Decadent delicacies

Dabbling in the art of sucromancy
Posted:  Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 1:00pm

“If I had to describe baking in a single word? Happiness.”

That’s what April Morrison says about her occupation. Creating elegant confections makes her happy. So does dressing up in Victorian-inspired costumes.

Last year, she was able to combine those two favorite things when she started her business, SugarSpell Sweets.

If you weren't lucky enough to catch up with her on Main Street in Damariscotta last summer, you'll have another chance to this summer. Morrison and her Victorian pushcart full of sweet delicacies will be back in her shady spot on the front lawn of Acasa Hair Salon at 202 Main Street a few days each week.

Born on Swans Island, off Bar Harbor, Morrison moved to New Harbor with her family when she was 7. She said she's been in love with sweet desserts for as long as she can remember. After spending “too many years” working in an office, Morrison took a leap of faith and did what she's always dreamed of doing. She started a baking business.

Her website states: “From a young age, I have been dabbling in the art of sucromancy. Fear not, sucromancy is not a malicious kind of magic. Its only purpose is to delight both the practitioner and the recipient, as we enjoy dessert, one of the greatest experiences in life.”

Though she doesn't think of herself as an artist, Morrison's elaborate and whimsical confections are as eye-catching as they are tasty. She loves dreaming up new creations, in both look and taste. All made from scratch, some are full of mysterious flavors that will make you stop and think.

“Blending different flavors to find delicious new combinations has always appealed to me. Food, for me, is an experience that combines all of my senses. Not only taste, but texture, aroma, and sight. When done well, it evokes emotions, and can trigger memories, and transport you to another place or time.”

If the sight of the unusual handcrafted, 3-foot-by-4-foot pushcart full of sweet confections doesn’t draw you in for a closer look, the woman at the helm of the cart will. Morrison dresses in elaborate Victorian costumes that change daily, along with the display of sweets.

Many of the treats are petite, in part due to space limitations on the cart. But Morrison also likes small portions because they can be picked up easily for people on the go, and because she believes that, like herself, many women are constantly trying to maintain their weight. “I call them 'petite portions' and I try to pack as much flavor as I can into a small bite,” she said. “So you can indulge, but not feel too guilty.”

SugarSpell Sweets offers a wide array: Cookies, pies, mini-pies, pie pops (little pies on a stick), cupcakes, mini-cakes, mini whoopie pies, petit fours and chocolate barks, as well as larger cakes and pies.

After her success last summer, Morrison has high hopes for a good summer this year, and is looking into the possibility of eventually having a commercial kitchen and retail shop.

Look for the SugarSpell Sweets cart and Morrison, dressed to the hilt in a Victorian costume, beginning May 16. Regular hours are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Morrison will also be at Sweetgrass Winery in Union on Mother's Day (Sunday, May 14) with an array of chocolate morsels. Special orders for any occasion are welcome. Call 207-504-2132 or email Visit SugarSpell on Facebook or at