Two Bridges Regional Jail Authority

Jail Authority approves new administrator job description

Also honors Corrections Officer of the Month
Posted:  Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 8:30am

The Two Bridges Jail Authority ion May 1o went over the human resources committee’s changes to the job description for the jail administrator. A search for a new administrator will start soon. Among the changes to the job description is dropping a required degree in criminal justice or other related bachelor degrees. Instead, the administrator will be expected to have a combination of education and experience commensurate with a bachelor’s degree.

The committee also considered what would be an appropriate salary. Unlike many administrators, Two Bridges’ administrator is not a subordinate to the sheriff. The position operates more or less independently, with the support of the Jail Authority.

Acting administrator James Bailey also congratulated Corrections Officer Derek Maroon, who was selected as the April Corrections Officer of the Month.

Bailey also discussed recent hirings. Since the last meeting, five people have been hired. “The wage increase has definitely helped,” Bailey said. The jail is still down nine employees, but with the current jail population, it is unlikely they will be needed immediately, and the revised jail budget reflects that 10 positions budgeted in fiscal year 2016-17 will not be filled in 2017-18. Bailey said some of the unspent funds would be carried forward if conditions change and new personnel are needed.

Revenues are down for the new fiscal year by $274,831, but many expenses are down as well, including staff costs, medical costs for inmates, a projected decrease in fuel costs with the new air exchange system in place, and other items. Overall, the total decrease in costs is $114,290.27. Although the budget carries a slight deficit, carry forwards from the last fiscal year and personnel costs for the first half of the new fiscal year will keep the budget in balance.

Bailey said food supplier Aramark donated food for a staff barbecue to celebrate National Corrections Workers’ week.