Isle of Springs Column: Surprise wedding proposal and more

Posted:  Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 9:00am

Thank you to Susan Bean for her efforts in covering off-season news. She provided us with “All the News that Was Sent to Print,” over the long off-season! If you missed seeing columns, consider sending her news after Labor Day!

The July 4 weekend was full and wonderful! Celebrations began on the tennis courts with an important score made by Asa Welty! He dropped his racquet, caught the tennis ball and handed it to Maddie Loughridge. Hidden within was a lovely engagement ring! Corks were popped and all the family and friends who were there to bear witness, cheered. Congratulations to this Island couple!

The Opening Party, hosted by Pat and John Ridlon, was held at the Casino due to a rainy forecast. This venue provided plenty of space for the approximately 110 folks who attended. Younger Islanders hung out at the playground, a perfect place for them to gather and socialize! Speaking of the playground, there’s a new addition; the “Tidely-Idley” IOS! This classic wooden skiff was found for sale on Knickerbocker/Barter’s Island Road. Her builder, Tony Jose, had built it for his sons 12 years ago and given her the name. She’s there to provides a safe and fun way for young children to boat independently!

Sunday morning had two hours dedicated for questions and open communications between shareholders and the BOD. Three reminders that were discussed are: (1) boats over 16’ always be tied up on the South side (Island side) of the Sawyers float; (2) all cottage burn piles are to be pre-approved by Kim with instruction as to how to stack; and (3) tree cutting must follow the BBH regulations. Fines for violations levied by the town will be billed to the Islander responsible for cutting.

In keeping with the museum’s bird theme, Rob Reece led the Sunday evening service with a focus on migration. Music was provided by Glen McCandless. Rob likened the innate drive of Islanders to migrate back to the IOS every summer to the predictable return of the ospreys. Births announced since last year’s first service are: William Osborne Reece, to Ellen and Cameron Reece; Lachlan Leonard Crowley to Erica Woolson and Katie Crowley; Brennan Richard Seely to Kate and Cormac Seely; Porter Dawes Reece to Annie and Evan Reece; Archer Thompson to Monica Thompson; and Findlay Douglass Widbiller to Xantha and Max Widbiller. So many boys! We missed seeing Patsy and Will Mackenzie who were in Bethesda to lend support (plus entertainment and distraction) to Farrah undergoing treatment at NIH, and to her dad, Andy who has been there for weeks. We all send along healing thoughts to Farrah and her family.

Monday, July 3 was perfect for the well-attended work party organized by Peter Burvill. In addition to brushwork, the library trim now sports a new coat of paint. If you missed it, there are signups for do-it-yourself independent projects.

Thank you to Matt Bogart for organizing the second annual July 4 Boat Parade! With the boom of the canon, the Ole led 10+ brightly decorated boats past the wharf for all (plus the judges) to see. The boats were decked out in patriotic and creative splendor. Prizes for Most Patriotic went to the Hutchinsons’ Elusive (1st), and to the M. Bogarts’ Ole (2nd). In the Most Creative category, 1st went to the Reeces’ Susan Jane II, and 2nd to the Pierce’s whaler (both sporting pirate themes). Congratulations and thanks to all entrants for making the parade so joyful! Be ready! Competition has already begun for those planning to enter in 2018! Concurrently, the LIS Bake sale on the wharf was a sweet success for hungry onlookers and contestants alike! Thanks to Cindy McCandless for organizing!

Sunday Service, July 9 was led by the extended Bogart clan, that family giving tribute to their matriarch and lifetime Islander, Suzanne Bogart. Chase played the sax as Islanders entered the Casino. Each of the traditional readings, hymns, and poems reflected Sue’s favorites and had been used in services led by her between the years of 1980 and 2005.


Sunday papers will no longer be delivered;

The 2017 “Our Feathered Friends” exhibit is at the NeKrangan II. Please stop by and while there, consider drawing or coloring your favorite Island bird to hang on the cord on the north wall. All ages are welcome to contribute;

Friday, July 14, 4 p.m., the Maine Premier Showing of Jenny Mackenzie’s, “Dying in Vein; The Opiate Generation” at the Harbor Cinema;

Saturday, July 15, 5 p.m., Wharf Party. We have invited the Sawyer Island Community Assn. to join us. Please double your appetizer to share with all;

Sunday, July 16, noon, Swim! Around the float in honor of Alice Balcer;

Monday, July 17, 7:30 a.m. Adult Bird Walk with Stu Parsons. Meet at the Tennis Courts;

Wednesday, July 19, 7:30 a.m. Adult Bird Walk with Stu Parsons. Meet at the Tennis Courts; and at 6:30 PM, S’mores at the West Shore.

Wednesday, July 19, 6:30 p.m., S’mores at the West Shore.

Saturday, July 22, 8 a.m. Kids Bird Walk with Stu Parsons. Meet at the Tennis Courts.

July 29, 5 – 7 p.m., “Balmy Days” cruise. Signups are posted!

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