The Maine Coast Stone Symposium


Maine Coast Stone Symposium

August 1 - August 31

Stone Symposium LogoFrom granite for some of the country’s most significant public buildings to slate for roof tiles, commercial quarrying and stone working has thrived in Maine since around 1800. The sector’s evolution affected transportation by both sea and rail, while technological advances changed the industry in significant ways. Today, Maine stone artists and artisans still use many traditional techniques to create everything from garden benches to world-renowned public architecture.

Spend some time at Boothbay Railway Village - 586 Wiscasset Road/Route 27 in Boothbay - during the month of August in celebration of the history, art, and culture of Maine’s stone industry. 

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Schedule of Events

August 1 – 31                    Exhibit Built with Stone: The Story of Granite, Slate, and Limestone in Main
Through August 21         Don Justin Meserve Sculpture Raffle
Thursday, August 3        Illustrated Talk: Portrait of a Granite Schooner Captain
Saturday, August 5         J.C. Stone Open House
Saturday, August 5  &  Sunday, August 6       Slate Carving Demonstrations with Jon Doody
Tuesday, August 8          Illustrated Talk: Remembering Cabot Lyford, Maine Master
Wednesday, August 9    Illustrated Talk: A Brief History of a Billion Years of Earth Time as Recorded in Maine’s Rocks and Minerals
Friday, August 11            Opening Reception for Museum Members, Sponsors and other invited guests
Friday, August 11 - Sunday, August 20     Sculpture Symposium (Artists Working)
Tuesday, August 14         MCSS Artist Talk with Mark Herrington
Thursday, August 16      MCSS Artist Talk with Dick Alden & Andreas von Huene
Monday, August 21          Tour Dragon Cement Plant, Rockland

Monday, August 21       Closing Gala Celebration with the Artists - Tickets are $75 pp 

Tuesday, August 22 & Wednesday, August 23         Making Stone Leaves Demo with Obie Buell
Wednesday, August 23      Panel Discussion: Bringing Artists Together: An Inside Look at Creating Sculpture Symposia

Participating in the 10-day live sculpture event are ...

Dick Alden, Boothbay    ~   Lise Becu, Tenants Harbor   ~   David Curry, Union   ~   Mark Herrington, Franklin   ~   Isabel Kelley, Portland   ~   Paul Kozak, Hulls Cove   ~   Roy Patterson, Gray
Miles Chapin, Arrowsic   ~   William Royall, Southport   ~   David Sywalski, Trenton   ~   Dan Ucci, Pittston   ~   Andreas von Huene, Arrowsic   ~ special guest sculptor, Kamu Nagasawa, from Japan.

Mr. Nagasawa’s participation is made possible through the support of the Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium.

The Maine Coast Stone Symposium is funded in part by an Arts & Humanities Grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Maine Humanities Council.


Andreas von Huene’s “Drive”

Andreas von Huene strives to create art that comes alive. The artist wants his medium itself to almost breathe life. He enjoys challenging himself to create different levels of imagination within each individual work. While he is continuously delighted to find new materials and skills to incorporate into his art practice, it is the wide range of projects and processes that will always serve as his most grand adventure.

William Royall, Southport, ME stone sculptor

After nearly 40 years of working with stone, I have come to a place where my studio, equipment, employees and income allow me to produce large scale sculptures that represent the essence of stone and crystallize my beliefs about sculpture.

Unlike many of my contemporaries, I choose to work in stone rather than bronze. I find that each stone piece is unique. I can get textures that have the natural feel of the hand, carving rather than modeling, and I can achieve colors and rhythms via the organic qualities of stone, which cannot be achieved in castings.

For more on this sculptor visit the website listed below.

Dick Alden

“I enjoy the mentally and physically intensive process of carving and shaping my pieces to exude a rhythmic motion, balance, and harmony in the final composition. The challenge is to capture that special spirit which each stone possesses.” - Dick Alden


The mission of the Maine Stone Workers Guild is to recognize and encourage excellence in stonework and to educate the community to the value of its members and resources.

The Maine Stone Workers Guild promotes the services and products of its membership and supports the growth of quality stonework and stoneworkers.


About MSWG

Throughout the world, the reputation of the artist and craft worker from Maine is one of care and excellence. The Maine Stone Workers Guild represents individuals who work with stone and use both traditional and modern techniques. We understand and appreciate the power and beauty of stone. From hammer and chisel to diamond power tools and sand blast etching, Guild members can design, cut, carve, and build whatever the stone will allow. Stone’s most familiar attribute is permanence, but it is also a tremendously versatile material.

The same material that provides a firm foundation to the tallest structures can also bring delicate beauty into your home, garden, or workplace. Working either individually, or combining skills in collaboration, the Maine Stone Workers Guild can bring the best to project designs; will cut, carve, and build in stone; and will show the incredible range and versatility of stone.   

Boothbay Railway Village

The Vision of the Boothbay Railway Village is to utilize its unique village setting to engage adults and children in hands-on activities designed to create a better understanding of Maine village life throughout the period. We aspire to transform the way we view and relate to Maine’s rural past through interactive visitation, educational opportunism, and a variety of dynamic programs to enrich our daily lives.” - Boothbay Railway Village website


Said executive director Margaret Hoffman of the Maine Coast Stone Symposium, “ ... it’s exciting about how it all fits together - the Village and the Symposium -the stone industry was a major industry during the same time period focused on by the Village. The symposium helps capture the magic of this traditional craft.”


Boothbay Railway Village holds events throughout its season, late May through late October. Visit the website for more details about them - including the Symposium!