Summer at Boothbay Railway Village

Posted:  Thursday, August 16, 2018 - 2:30pm


Boothbay Railway Village is a great escape into the past. Step into Freeport Station, get your tickets to ride the train and then check out the exhibits. Every building housing an exhibit is an exhibit itself.

The steam train rides take passengers around the perimeter of the Village. And who doesn’t love riding in one of the vintage train cars? During special events, the people there take out the Model T and ride visitors around. My late maternal grandfather, born in 1910, said his first car was a Model T. I still think of him when I see the one up at the Village.

Adults and kids have been enjoying spending time here. The day I was there I overheard a father say to his son, “I used to come here a lot when I was a boy ...” They were entering the Narrow Gauge History Museum while I was leaving. It makes you smile to know parents are sharing this place with their kids and letting them know how much it means to them.

The resident goats are most sociable, and a little nuts, at least that’s what I overheard someone say in a group I passed by who had just been hanging out with them. The exact words were, “Man. Those goats are crazy!” Maybe, maybe not. Just be sure to feed them and give them a pat or two.

If you have yet to experience Boothbay Railway Village, it may just be time to change that!

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