Isle of Springs column

Posted:  Thursday, August 23, 2012 - 5:00pm

Included in this column will be a wrap-up of last week’s events. 

Squirrel Island Tour: The tour to Squirrel Island was a major highlight of the summer for the approximately 35 islanders who made the trip August 8. Members of the Squirrel Island Historical Society organized informative walking tours to the Coomb’s-designed buildings and cottages, the Squirrel Island library, and the new community garden. 

The tours were followed by an organ recital by resident organist, Mathias Reed and refreshments at the post office/Squirrel Island Historical Society building. We were surprised with a 125th Isle of Springs birthday cake (plus song)! Comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between the two islands’ history, governance, geography and architecture was enlightening. We extend our sincere appreciation to the folks at Squirrel Island for a fabulous day and hope that they will join us here next summer!

Ladies Improvement Society: Highlights of the August Ladies Improvement Society meeting were deliberations about the casino with suggestions for a ceiling fan, follow up on the proposed bathroom, safe storage of the Isle of Springs archives, Ladies Improvement Society donations, and the need for more casino chairs. Eleanor Morrell requested that any cottage with chairs matching those at the casino, please consider donating them to allow for enough seating at Isle of Springs events. 

Next year’s social calendar was also proposed with a vote for the opening party to be held on July 6, 2013. The 2013 slate of officers are Patty Ridlon, President, Nancie Bogart, Vice President, Pat Ridlon, Interim Treasurer, and Betsy Hastings, Secretary.

Penny Party: The 82nd Annual Penny Party celebrated the 125th Isle of Springs Anniversary in high fashion. There was a “Guess How Many Jelly Bellies” contest which Conor Ridlon won by guessing 900 (4 beans off from 904). Nate Pierce won the Children's Work Party red ticket contest. There was a moment of thanks to remember our dear Jane McClennan who was at the very first party. Maddie and Anna Loughridge and Asa, Ian and Nikki Welty helped set up and came onstage to assist Patsy in calling the winning numbers. The new sound system set up by Mike Thompson worked amazingly well. Many thanks to Patsy Mackenzie and crew for making this event so successful and for assisting in refilling the Tennis Club coffers!

Physical Feats: 2012 has been the summer of islanders challenging themselves to extreme physical feats! When the Southport Rowgatta was canceled, Ian Welty took the challenge and kayaked around Southport solo (with Dad in tow with the J&J). Carl Pierce successfully circumnavigated the Isle of Springs in the water twice this week! His better time was 45 minutes. This was in preparation for a September triathlon. 

On the rainiest of days, Kimberly Mahan from Appleton led a one-hour “Sacred Sweat” cardio, strength and stretching class for islanders and 10 of Betsy Morrell’s guests in the Casino. Islanders who took the challenge were Laura Locke, Betsy Morrell, Brenda Bowen, Emma Wolfson, Judy Miller, Deb Pierce and Dina Hutchinson. Avery Hutchinson had fun running around and amongst the exercisers and Stella plopped down right in the middle. 

Lastly, Hugh Reece and Erica Tubman successfully completed the Pan Mass Challenge on August 4 and 5. The Pan Mass Challenge is a 190-mile two-day bike ride from Sturbridge, Mass to Provincetown, Mass. Each described the ride as incredibly inspirational, especially as they rode through the countryside and towns where residents lined the roads cheering, spraying them with water and supporting the cause. Their team of 30, “The Flames,” raised over $250,000, all of which will go toward cancer research. 

Sunday Service: Sunday’s Service was directed by Isadora Osgood and Lulu Mourning. “Stand Tall Molly Lou Mellon,” a story about self-acceptance, was read by Patti Lupone. Participants were: Connor, Brendan, & Aiden Ridlon, Will and Avery Hutchinson, Gabby and Nate Pierce, and Tallulah Im. Emma Wolfson and Becky Goodman accompanied the hymn sing with guitar music. 

Arrivals and Guests: Sarah McCandless with her family, Dan, Daniel and Erin Fitzgerald were at the McCandless cottage and had a brief overlap with Lillian and Ed O’Connor. At Unc's cottage this week were Laura Locke and daughter Lulu Mourning from Brooklyn, N.Y. and Little Compton, R.I. Lulu will extend her stay by spending an additional week with Isadora. Betsy had two more childhood friends, Claire Fisher from Yarmouth and Liz Armstrong from Topsham, out for dinner and overnight. Joining Betsy and Isadora for the weekend were Jamie, Beya and Sasha Hull from Washington, D.C., and Lincolnville. Additional arrivals have been Brenda Bowen, Michael Smith, Becky Goodman, the Doug Niven family, Bill and Kathy Thomas, and Susan and John Barbaro. 

Patsy and Will entertained friends whom they have known since their New York days, and who now reside nearby them in California. These two couples were amazed by our magical island and couldn't get enough. Luckily, the days were beautiful (except for arriving in the fog) for great boat rides and much food at all of the usual hangouts. Their names were Susie and Norton Wright and Nancy Dussault and her husband, Val Mayer. The women are actors and the husbands are producer/directors.

And from Patsy Mackenzie (Uninvited Guests): “The wicked cute caterpillar seen everywhere is called the White Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar. Apparently it is native to the U.S. from the Northeast to the south central part of the country. It mostly chews on nut-bearing trees, and if handled, the white hairs can embed in the skin and cause rashes, sometimes severe. Please beware. I say stomp out the little buggers!”

Error: To last week’s column, please add: the NeKII Committee is requesting a 5 by 7 inch cottage family photo for the upcoming 125th Anniversary album. If more than one photo is necessary to capture cottage inhabitants, OK, and the photo need not be taken on the island. Please leave the photos in the museum with family names on the reverse. Thanks.

Send your news to Brenda Bowen, and tune in to who might be the winner(s) of the pie contest to take place this Saturday!