Lincoln County property transfers in August

Mon, 09/13/2021 - 2:45pm

The Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in August:

Alna: Merrill, Timothy Lee to Merrill, Timothy L. Tr., Merrill, Jacqueline L. Tr. and Merrill Family Revocable Trust; Spinney, Jeffry Alan to Golden Ridge Sportsman's Club.

Boothbay: Goding, Dale C. and Goding, Kristine M. to McVicker, Steven D. and McVicker, Nancy J.; Katsaros, Denise S. Tr. to Katsaros, Denise S. 2021 Gift Trust, Denise S. Katsaros 2021 Gift Trust and Katsaros, Arthur Tr.; Swisher, Dwight M. and Swisher, Karen M. to Mintich, Robert J. and Sevigny, Jane Ann; Moynihan, Karen S. Tr., Moynihan, Peter J. Tr., Karen S. Moynihan Living Trust and Moynihan, Karen S. Living Trust to Kingsbury, David H. and Kingsbury, Catherine E.; Green, Richard G. and Green, Melanie S. to King, Crystal and King, Michael; Woods, Henry Schuyler III Tr., Woods, Kathryn Annette Tr. and Woods, Revocable Trust to Fuchs, Thomas H. Tr., Bartow, Felecia Tr., Fuchs, Bartow Living Trust and Bartow Fuchs Living Trust; Clark, Justin Harry Tr. and Clark Living Trust to Villadsen, Bente;  Heil, Pamela S. and Spillane, Kevin to Sheridan, Mary T. and Crane, Matthew R.; O'Connell, Michael B., O'Connell Renuka S. and O'Connell, Mary S. to Soltz, Jon and Keefe, Melissa; Feeser, John F. III to Smith, Geoffrey C.; Deluca, Carolyn Jane to Hynes, Michael W. and Deluca, Carolyn Jane; Rice, Kristine S. and Hepburn, Kristine S. to Carver, Katie Brooks and Brooks, Carver Katie; Boot, Justina P R and Giles, Josephine Theresa est to Boot, Justina; Easton, Caleb J. and Hodgdon, Audrey J. to Johnson, Turner C.; Clark, Justin Harry Tr. and Clark Living Trust to Clark's Enterprises LLC; Vannah, Alice M. to Sproul, Cathleen; Farrin, Patrick A. T.r, Patrick A. Farrin Living Trust and Farrin, Patrick A. Living Trust to Farrin, Kipp C.; Farrin, Patrick A. to Farrin, Kipp C.; Paine, Judith M. to Paine, Victoria; Plummer, Gerald M. and Plummer, Nancy A. to Beckwith, Michelle J. and Beckwith, Colin R.; Behringer, James K. Est and Margonell, I. Susan A. P R to Margonelli, Susan A.; Campbell, Bruce S. and Campbell, Karen R. to Kastritsis, Dimitri J. and Phillips, Amanda H.; Bertin, Christopher and Davis, Carol J. to C3S Properties LLC; Sargent, Rebecca J. P R and Carlson, Erik K. Est to Sargent, Rebecca J. T.r, Carlson, Erik K. Trust and Erik K. Carlson Trust; Norwood, Scott W. to Ashworth, James A. and Ashworth, Emily A.; Gentry, Robert D. Jr. to Harvey Capital LLC.

Boothbay Harbor: Whitten, Amy Tr. and Whitten, Family Cottage Trust to Himes, Matthew and Kiefer, Ingrid; John D. Druce Living Trust, Druce, John D. Living Trust and Druce, John Dix Jr. Tr. to PGC4 LLC; Edwards, Peter B. and Edwards, Caroline C. to Lipschitz, Leslie J. and Schadler, Susan Morrow; Kazakos, George P R and Kazakos, Takis A. est to Giangrave, Michael; Equity Trust Company Cust to Hiebert, Matthew, Hiebert, Sarah, Giarusso, Branden and Giarusso, Elizabeth; Lyda C. Vose 1965 Trust A-2, Kite, James B. Jr Tr., Olson, F. W. Tr., James B. Kite Jr. Trust, Kite, James B. Jr. Trust, 1953 Vose Trust A-2, Pivinski, Pamela S. Tr., Vose, Margaret H. Revocable Trust, Vose, Lyda C. 1965 Trust A-2, Margaret H. Vose Revocable Trust and Vose 1953 Trust A-2 to Willard, Joellen L. Tr., Willard Living Trust and Willard, Bruce A. L. Tr.; Boothbay Region Water District to Gagne, Michael; Mottram, Holly H. to Mottram, Holly H. Tr., Holly H. Mottram Trust and Mottram, Holly H. Trust; Horgan, Katharine D. to Messer, Kerry C.; McFetridge, Robert M. and McFetridge, Juanita to Leeman, Charles D.; Barter, Lucy H. P R and Hurst, Nancy S. Est to Barter, David; Copp, Bruce G. and Copp, Tracy J. to Casey, Joshua P. and Evans, Nicole.

Dresden: Kazzy LLC to McDonald, Mark Alan; Nicholson, Erica N. and Dostie, Erica to Dostie, Erica and Dostie, Aric; Blanchette, Gregory M. Tr., Pease, Ruth E. Tr., Gregory M. Blanchette Living Trust, Blanchette, Gregory M. Living Trust, Ruth E. Pease Living Trust and Pease, Ruth E. Living Trust to Manley, Deborah M.; Deane, Roderick A. and Deane, Michelle R. to Campbell, James A. and Campbell, Kimberly J.; Hebert, Kirsten A. and Cossette, Chris W. to Hebert, Karen Bucholz; Perry, William J. and Perry, Deborah to Price, Brian M. and Price, Lucinda I.; Campbell, James A. and Campbell, Kimberly J. to Chute, Nathan and Chute, Cynthia; Field, Peter M. to Kallin, David M., Kallin, Emily B., Hermans, Linda S. and Goldman, Richard M.; MacMaster, Scott C. to Docherty, Philip M.; Maple Grove Cemetery Association to Murphy, Joseph and Murphy, Susan.

Edgecomb: Heaberlin, Nicholas J. to Warren, Brian T.; Baade, Ragnhild P R and Baade, Peter B. Est to Baade, Ragnhild; Baade, Ragnhild to Baade, Ragnhild and Baade, Sanna L.; Liberdade LLC to Structured Investments LLC; Blackman, Donald K. to Blackman, Donald K. and Blackman, Betty R.; Cyr, Arthur R. and Cyr, Crystal M. to Jordan, Leslie; Water's Edge Development LLC to Nicholson, Patrick A. and Daly, Maura C; DLC Enterprises LLC to Maine Coast Contracting LLC; Rhodes, William A. and Hogan, Margaret to Rae, Jena K and Rae, Brendan P; Sargent, Rebecca J. P R and Carlson, Erik K. Est to Sargent, Rebecca J. Tr., Erik K. Carlson Trust and Carlson, Erik K. Trust; Pasternack, Edward to Finnegan, June P.; Finnegan, June P. to Apps, Adam D. and Apps, Meredith G; Faniola, John N. and Faniola, Judith M. to Lee, Virginia Y. and Sinisgalli, Dean C.

Southport: Gaylor, William E. III P R and Azzoni, Janet Elderkin Est to Doyle, Kip Azzoni and Doyle, Kip; Azzoni, Janet Elderkin Est and Gaylor, William E. III P R to Azzoni, Michael; Foley, Dennis H. and Foley, Diane C. to Musick, Daniel; Ralph, P. Christopher P R and Ralph. Michelle A Est to Martin, Joseph Quinn; Ralph, Michelle Louise, Ralph, P. Christopher, Ralph, Christopher P., Tanashian, Heather T., Ralph, Heather, Short, Jennifer W. and Ralph, Jennifer to Martin, Joseph Quinn; Swingbridge Partners LLC to Tomlin, Claire L. and Tomlin, Donald M.; Scovelle, Stuart B. to McCarthy, Nicole M.; Scovelle, Julie A. and Clement, Danielle R.; Cole, Barbara Gwen to Harkins, Adam; Harkins, S. Adam to Martin, Casey and Nunan, John; Ross, Thomas B. Tr. to Arnsdorf, Ralph L. and McAfee, Carol J.; Bagley, Donna F. to Bagley, Charles IV Tr., Bagley, Donna F. Tr., Bagley, Donna F. Revocable Trust, Charles Bagley IV Revocable Trust, Bagley, Charles IV Revocable Trust and Donna F. Bagley Revocable Trust; Blycher, Ann Kirsten and Blycher, Frederick A. to Pig Cove LLC.

Westport Island: Clifford, Ann Elizabeth to Clifford, Ann E. and Greenleaf, Noah H.; Napolitano, John P. to Leddy, Madison Alexander; Elbers, Caroline and Elbers, Kier to Gardner, Andrew B. and Gardner, Martha D.; Gebhardt, Matthew S. to Weed, Judith M.

Wiscasset: Baxter, Stacy L. West, Baxter, Stacy L., West, Baxter Stacy L. and Baxter, Michael E. to Timberlake, Nicholas and Morin, Sydney; Humphrey, George E. A. and Humphrey, Samantha M. to 475 Gardiner LLC; Brewer, Vernon and Brewer, Esther to Brewer, Vernon; Franzen, Raymond W. Jr. to Stewart, Reine E. and Franzen, Raymond W. Jr.; Reinhardt, Marie A. to Straus, William H.; Goud, Duane E. and Goud, Patricia L. to Marino, Mark A. and Marino, Lucinda; Dorsey, Matthew W. to Toothaker, Elizabeth and Shea, Michael; Murphy, Patrick L., Murphy, Jane O. and Murphy, Alice M. to Morse, Paul D. and Morse, Betsy E.; Russell, Helen C. and Russell, Jason T. to Whitney, Daniel J. and Whitney, Tracey A.; Wiscasset Inhab Of to Hunt Company Inc; Wiscasset Inhab Of to Holmes, Mark A.; Gagnon, David, Gagnon, Deborah, Gagnon, Cynthia, Gagnon, Joseph, Collamore, Cynthia Gagnon and Cronk, Deborah to Wiz Industrial LLC; Halvarson, Rich and Pezzulo, Eric J. to Hurd, David and Winslow, Lorrie; Rock, Jessica A. P R and Barnes, Lisa M. Est to Barnes, Shawn and Barnes, Ridge; Stauble, Patricia M. to Taylor, William Collins and Taylor, Elizabeth Savery; West, Dion B. to Sawyer, John E. and Stehle, Margaret P.; Tracy, Theodore R. and Tracy, Eleanor G. to Farrell, Gabrielle M. and Farrell, Michael J; Wiscasset Inhab Of to Winters, Wesley B.; Falvey LLC to Marasciullo, Joseph Tr., Joseph Marasciullo Living Trust and Marasciullo, Joseph Living Trust; Franzen, Raymond W. Jr. to Stewart, Reine E. and Franzen, Raymond W. Jr.; Jones, Roger H. to Green Apple Farms V LLC; Delano, Talbot E and Delano, Linda M. to Bingham, Heather and Paris, Timothy.