Key Log Rolling at the Y

Tue, 05/11/2021 - 12:00pm

For some, it was like a new toy for the bathtub.

Dan Parrott, aquatics instructor at Boothbay Region YMCA, invited members of the Dolphin swim team to try out the new Key Log Roller in the Y pool on Friday afternoon, May 7 and the 10 people who gave it a whirl had a lot of fun for the hour-long session.

The 12-foot long rubber log is filled with water and detachable fins are used to determine the speed of the log rolling in the water – the more fins, the slower the roll. The group started with three fins and worked their way into trying to stay on the log without the fins. For most of the hour, the participants tried the log solo, then there were a few dual competitions.

How it works: After straddling the log, you need to keep your hands on the log and slowly bring both legs up in a kneeling position. Then, after bringing one foot at a time so you are in a crouched position, participants slowly stand up. To get the log rolling, the participant faces one way or another and the log will start spinning after you start a walking motion. The log is used in at least two feet of water with 10 feet of falling space required.

According to the Key Log website, using the log helps develop balance, footwork and core strength, and improve cardiovascular and muscle endurance.

Parrott said he would be scheduling a Key Log class for various ages.