Southport Column: Dog is found, the school pond and more

Tue, 01/19/2021 - 8:00am

    We need some good news and today that news is the dog, which has now been named Southport Sam, has been found and caught behind the Island Store, and returned to his owner. The missing cross, belonging to Jack Hurd, is still missing, but Jack now has a substitute one to remind him of his first Communion and of his faith.

    The big news this morning is that the town has plans under way to fill in the school pond. Look for head selectman Gerry Gamage’s explanation elsewhere in this paper. The plans, basically, are to fill in the pond for safety and for practical purposes, and then to make that area a skating rink similar to the one by the Boothbay Firehouse. A meeting to discuss these plans will take place at the normal Selectmen’s meeting, but outside, Wednesday, at 5 p.m. Dress warmly!

    A number of parents and children gathered at the pond Monday morning as news of the pond’s demise spread. The children have made signs pleading for the safety of the ducks, turtles, and frogs they find on and in the pond. Perhaps pictures of those signs are also elsewhere is this paper. I hope the pond remains as for me it is one of the beauties of the town center.

    As I assume you discovered, one way or another, the Southport Planning Board workshop Wednesday, Jan. 20, was cancelled, but the discussion of Section 4, Part 1E of the Southport Land Use Ordinance titled “Cluster Development” will be reviewed at some point. Stay tuned.

    There is still time to take out nomination papers for four positions in the town: (1) Selectman, Assessor, and Overseer of the Poor; (2) School Committee Member, (3) Fire Chief, (4) Tax Collector. Nomination papers must be returned no later than noon on Feb. 4.

    Also it is not too late to respond to the "Southport Internet Service Survey”. To receive a link to the survey you can email the working group at, give them a call at 207-217-7743, or look for the link on the website:

    For a while a developer was proceeding with plans and investigations into the possibility of building a large number of condominiums on the property for sale that was the Ship Ahoy Motel, but I understand from Skip Simonds, who is our Planning Board chair, that the offer has been withdrawn due to problems planning appropriately for sewage disposal.

    Power was out on the east side of the island as a result of Saturday’s rainstorm, due to a downed tree shortly before Driftwood Cove Road, driving south. Central Maine Power said, when I called and actually finally reached a human being, that about 164 people on the island were without power. Even with the generator running we lost connection to our television, internet, and landline phone, so Spectrum was down too. All came back about 9:30 p.m. having gone out about 2:30 p.m. Thanks to our neighbor Edee Crosby, who came by to check on us and to scold us for not having out flip phone turned on. We will for sure next time, Edee.

    Though it is only January the Island Store is looking ahead toward summer and is ready to consider applications for employment for that time. Call the store at 633-6666 to get one and to find out more details.

    With all the rain on Saturday and thus far temperatures above freezing, the island moss and other greenery creates more beauty in our woods., Wind keeps the sea crashing on the rocks with left over energy from Saturday’s storm, and even our grass is still green. At least it isn’t growing so we do not have to cut it.