letter to the editor

Who is Q?

Mon, 01/18/2021 - 4:15pm

    Dear Editor:

    The appearance of unsupported allegations of conspiratorial political mechanizations posted on the internet by an anonymous “Q” and repeated by some media influencers has set ablaze an already angry segment of our society.

    But who is this “Q?”

    In keeping with the theme of conspiratorial whispers, the identity of “Q” remains hidden behind the veil of anonymity. But there is one thing that we do know about “Q.” “Q” is a coward.

    Professional journalists and editors assiduously follow the facts wherever they may lead “without fear or favor” as the New York Times aspirational goal states. Journalists answer to editors who demand that reported facts be verified with collaborative evidence. “Q” does not.

    Journalists stand by their reporting and suffer the consequences when they get it wrong as Dan Rather did in 2006 when he was fired for failing to properly vet a source. “Q” does not have this kind of integrity.

    News gatherers risk life and limb to report on emerging situations as we have seen over and over again as angry rioters confront honest journalists doing their jobs. In 2020 alone some 50 journalists were assassinated, many more kidnapped, beaten or threatened. “Q” spins his unproven conspiracy theories from the safety of his virtual bunker.

    Professional journalists have the integrity to factually report what they find and the courage to put their name by their reporting. “Q” does not.

    Fred W. Nehring