letter to the editor

What do we want to be?

Mon, 01/18/2021 - 3:00pm

    Dear Editor:

    I was glued to the TV last Wednesday (Jan. 6) zipping from station to station watching with horror at the riot shown live from the Capitol.. It was with great sadness and rage that I watched hooligans breach the Capitol and threaten our Representatives, Capitol Police and others who got in their way. Consequently, six have died.

    They were wearing their MAGA hats, antisemitic T-shirts, and riot gear, carrying baseball bats, zip ties, riot gear, climbing gear, etc. Bombs were discovered. They came prepared for mayhem and who really knows what else. Those in government who have empowered this President for four years are complicit in the riot, and are either cynical power mongers or extremely fearful of the mob. Those in the public who have supported him through numerous infractions of ethics, morality and law are deluded by the grifter in the White House, lies and incessant propaganda. Fascism and white supremacy has always been a factor in America but was never given a platform until now. Fascism has openly come to America wrapped in the flag, the Confederate flag (which should me made illegal like the Nazi flag is in Germany) and the cross.

    We need to take a hard look at ourselves and ask what do we want to be? Are we a light for the world? Do we believe in truth? Do we believe that actions have consequences? Do we believe that language has power for good and for evil?

    This President has been a clear and present danger to our nation since the first day he walked into the White House. It is a very, very sad day for America. But without truth reconciliation is impossible. It'll take some serious soul searching and some honesty to get beyond this incident. It is my sincere hope for the future of our democracy and the future of our children and grandchildren that we can do that.

    Bonnie Ginger