’Round Town


Wed, 12/30/2020 - 7:30am

I was sitting on an overturned bucket aboard Red Hook with Mark Stover at the helm, Alva Achorn at the ready, and perfect summer sunshine all around. Don Viens was nearby on the dock with his boat blasting some “Dead” and we were all gesturing back and forth as young children are want to do! OSHA had taken the day off and the Coast Guard was preoccupied with larger issues. Eddie Tibbetts was hanging a new sign for the “Atlantic Edge” from a jury-rigged platform balanced precariously, teetering atop a pristine pallet at the end of a fully extended forklift. It was a scene from “The Hardy Boys’ Next Adventure.” “God save the Queen.” Please Don, turn up the music!

Little did I know, when I first met Eddie at “Don Wotton's Lobster” sales and service at what now has become a Hodgdon Yachts location, that he, Eddie, would become a major player in the buying, selling and shipping of one of Maine's most desirable commodities. But he has. Eddie learned the business well with the help of his wife Kathy, and others who have labored alongside. Now, “The Edge” will be managed by another group of significant waterfront notables.

I didn't know anything about this transaction until I stopped by “The Edge” for a Christmas Eve transaction and was greeted by Eddie and several other unexpected staff. The new owners to be – Page One in my book “NEAR HOME.” Eddie took me aside and explained how it all came about – an interesting story with positive results.

I remember visits with Eddie at Wotton's. It’s where I met some of my old buddies from Monhegan, like Doug and Harry Odom. At that time Donny was doing some pretty good business with the Island fishing crew. He was happy to purchase their catches and aid in their runs to the then “Shop 'n Save” with vehicle loans and rest after often challenging crossings to the Harbor. Eddie worked hard, didn't say much and took good notes.

I'm glad Eddie will no longer need to perch atop wobbly pallets at the end of shaky forks. It’s nice to see an “in house” transaction for everyone. As some would say during our age of new language, “It’s a win-win.” But the next time Fed Ex stops by to make a short film promoting their service, they will find a new cast, equally as talented. It's a wrap. Good luck to all.

Glad it stayed local.