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The Band

Wed, 07/22/2020 - 7:15am

    I met my B-flat metal clarinet in junior high school. We had a very active love/hate relationship. I loved the sounds, hated to practice. My music career didn’t last long.

    I don’t imagine my enthusiasm, or lack of, was influenced by a relatively unproductive line of sight dislike for the adult band/music instructor. I think he found me to be rather annoying. After a while I began to appreciate, and quite frankly, understand, his probing queries, “Hey Mitchell, why aren’t you playing football or wrestling.”

    To which I replied, “Because, when I grow up Mr. T, I want to be just like you, so give me my sheet music and lets get this show on the road.” We survived each other, but only barely.

    Thank goodness, my musical interlude in junior high did not dampen my love and appreciation for all the talented people who chose not to play football or wrestle. Sports and music can be a challenging mix! Ultimately, I chose sports.

    Now for the good news! Our band plays on, just not on the library lawn. Different patch of green boys and girls! The Hallowell Community Band is now playing Thursday evenings at seven on the Boothbay Common, and it’s great! With all sorts of room, parking and many gifted performers from near and far. And what a tradition. For 54 years the band has gathered our community up. There are a thousand stories in the naked city.

    Joe Provissiero is a saxophonist (is there such a word?) who has played in many bands including our very own local band in addition to the Hallowell Community Band. He just plain loves music as do all 25-30 members of the band, including four musicians from right here in River City.

    The interesting thing about Joe is, he didn't really start his music career until he worked his way out of engineering jobs which took him to locations all over the planet. He even worked on the Saturn V rocket project which eventually left the planet. During some of his engineering time he became familiar with “White Castle” burgers — not to be confused with any outer space travel.

    Joe is seen in this week's photo inset above well involved in one of the many wonderful tunes presented by the band. He did ask that I mention the following: “Message to Fellow Boothbay area residents — Venture from your house on Thursday evenings to hear us play the kind of music you'll enjoy. What's a better way to spend that time?”

    The move to Boothbay Common is a perfect solution for the “shut in blues.” Lots of open space, plenty of room to move around safely and wonderful tunes from devoted musicians. Please treat yourself to a good listen.