Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club

Tue, 08/06/2019 - 3:00pm

Well, it has been another action packed week at BHYC and we have just passed the middle of the season. It seems almost impossible that we are just weeks away from the annual meeting.
Tuesday evening we were delighted by Hodding Carter IV and his presentation. He showed amazing photos of his authentic replication of a Benedict Arnold trek. We learned that every detail was a match to the original journey. From the primitive handcrafted rowing vessel, food and clothing to the actual route taken by Arnold and five other men. Carter has written several books on other such fetes. Each one is the fulfillment of a dream or inspiration to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Carole Cochran has provided exceptional authors for our entertainment and edification for five years. We thank her for her dedication and tenacity in obtaining so many excellent authors. Carole told us in her opening remarks that she would be stepping down as chair of the Author Series next year. She has a vision that anyone in the club who knows an author will be able to be an ad hoc chair and invite that author to present.

Wednesday the flag officers were host to the Past Commodores Dinner. This an annual event that has been going on since who knows when? PCs and their spouses gather together for camaraderie and fellowship. There were nearly 40 in attendance. During the evening the commodore shared “The State of The Union” with those who know all too well the challenges and opportunities for growth for the commodore as well as the members of our club. During my tenure I have been a strong proponent of the power of positive thinking. I continue to affirm that we are experiencing a banner year, and so should it be as we approach our 125th anniversary in 2020. The club will be on the lookout for a Season of Celebration 125.

Thursday and Friday were a bright blur of cars and trucks, boats and trailers and youthful exuberance. The three parking lots were packed to the gills with vehicles. Thus began The Maine State Optis and 420 Junior Regatta. There were 125 registered for the competition. The results of these are covered in another article here in. A very special thanks goes out to all of the volunteers who facilitated this huge event.

With almost no time to breath a sigh of relief Saturday brought us the Down East Challenge. A Marblehead to Boothbay Harbor overnight race. Forty skippers and their crews arrived for a reception and awards ceremony hosted by BHYC. They were a lively group of sailors with tales of their journey.