letter to the editor

What is happening in America?

Mon, 06/17/2019 - 3:30am

Dear Editor:

Did the President invite the Manson family into our homes? There are people who feared the Manson family, and out of fear joined the family to prove to themselves they were not afraid.  What is the difference between inviting the Manson family into your home within 60 days of the Helter Skelter killings versus inviting every world enemy into the homes of America?

Why would someone with a fear about himself choose to invite killers into his home? Internal fears about yourself often lead you to choose dangerous enemies as friends. Fear is our worst enemy.

Reading and listening about the President’s statement on inviting enemy’s into his home, which is our home, reminded me of when my former husband had invited the Manson family into our home when my child was only two. The foul language of the men and women was beyond what I could accept, especially, around my two-year-old.  

With God’s courage and love of my child, I demanded that these people had to leave. I knew they were dangerous and that my former husband had been carrying a gun “to handle what ever happens.” Manson and the family left and, remarkably, apologized for the foul language.

As our country continues a bully approach towards our enemies, I wonder when hope for kindness will return. Is the President so afraid of losing an election that he invites our enemies into our homes so that he feels safer with them than he does with God? Does it seem he invites the gangs of enemy countries to keep him safe and tosses the Americans and their immigrant families out? Is this another Manson sign who desired to kickstart an apocalyptic race war similar to other attempts like Dylann Roof confessed in the Charleston church? I hope not.

What is happening in America? 

Jarryl Larson