letter to the editor

Politics and your looking-glass selves

Tue, 05/28/2019 - 10:00am

Dear Editor:

Just look at yourselves. The party you hijacked once opposed freedom for slaves, and then perpetrated decades of Jim Crow. Along the way, they tried to undermine our national wealth with their failed New Deal and its endless add-ons, and later their inbred racism was fully revealed when they attempted to block Eisenhower’s landmark Civil Rights Act of 1957. No wonder the sordid past of the party you now own is never taught in the schools you now shamelessly control. It was reprehensible.

Today, you everywhere seek to transform our Constitution, and all else that is essentially American. Your contempt for traditional values like national sovereignty, the innocent unborn, natural parenting, the First and Second Amendments, Judeo-Christian faith, and even God Himself, is breathtakingly boundless. You ridiculously malign ordinary men, particularly white men, and all white people in general, and every other threat to your deliberately contrived identity politics. You even trash the country that raised you, protected you, and gave you your success, affluence, and political power. You are despicable.

I hereby hold you in contempt of all true and decent goodness, and I am praying that some day your ubiquitously failed ideology will be justly eradicated from this world. Perhaps your demise will begin when you finally muster the courage to start gazing at your true selves in the mirror of your own misery and hatred. Unfortunately though, that is something you have never done, probably because you are as innately detestable as your Marxist founder was.

Phil Molvar