Seeing: Reflections and Shadows

Thu, 05/30/2019 - 8:00am

It’s time to introduce our second “Seeing:” photo gallery offering. This time we would like to receive your best photos depicting “reflections” or “shadows.” Water, glass and mirrors are good items for shooting reflections and the sun (and moon) can cast great shadows, along with headlights, street lights, etc.

As a reminder, we have the ability to put 100 photographs in our galleries so get out there, take your photos, and send them to either or and we will add them to the gallery. We will accept up to six (new limit!) photos from each photographer. We also want to credit the photographer, so please send the photo with the name of the photographer.

And again, be observant, be creative and please check back to view the photos. We hope not to duplicate postings. And last but not least, the photos must be in good taste.