letter to the editor

Know what you are voting for

Mon, 04/15/2019 - 6:15pm

Dear Editor:

Article #3 on the warrant is to amend the “Land Use Ordinance Chapter 170.” The only public meeting to explain the warrant was on April 8. It was sparsely attended. So I assume everyone knows what the “Land Use Ordinance, Chapter 170” is about. It took the code enforcement officer a good part of the meeting to explain it.

If you look at the voting ballot, you will see two very short sentences with a yes or no box under it. Once you place your vote and continue to read further down, you will see three sentences telling you what you just voted on (Not the most honest way to present a ballot).

The last of those three sentences states that the maximum building height in the proposed east side waterfront district will be the same as the “General Business District.” There is no mention in the wording that the height will be raised 5 feet from the present height limit of 30 feet.

Do you know where the “General Business District" is? If you think it is where the Tugboat Inn, Sherman's and Fisherman’s Wharf are located, you are mistaken!

The “General Business District” is located from the Meadow Mall, Hannaford Market, along Route 27 to the town line before the roundabout. Ask yourself, “Why should the building height on the east side waterfront be raised 5 feet to match the Route 27 corridor, (3/4 mile away)?

What do they have in common? Nothing!

If it looks like spot zoning, it is spot zoning for someone!

They want to raise the height on the east side to 35’ and plan to raise the building height limit for the rest of the entire town. In February, the Planning Board Chair told the Select Board: “The town should be allowed to vote on town wide height increase or we’ll be back here doing this six months from now.”

Raising the height limit for the entire town will benefit a few developers while hindering views of most residents in the Harbor. Especially along the entire waterfront.

Again, know what you are voting for!

Robert McKay

Boothbay Harbor