letter to the editor

Uncertainty looms

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 5:15pm

Dear Editor:

Fifteen months. 26 plus meetings. Thousands of hours of conversation and documents. Believe it or not – this is what has been done to discuss zoning changes that have now gone from the planning board to the select board. Yet last week we heard that still, it wasn’t enough – that in fact, more tweaks might be coming around view corridors and a suggestion to allow residences on the first floor in certain sections of the east side.

I urge the select board to think about why we are still tweaking, still cajoling, still stagnating. It’s time to put the recommendations from the planning board out to the people so they can vote on them and this continued back and forth is clearly slowing down the process. If you have an interest in seeing the east side of Boothbay Harbor thrive, which I, along with more than the 70 plus business owners who joined our petition, do as well – you must be wondering if we are solving zoning or nuclear fission. If after all this time, we still have questions – it’s time to put it in the hands of the people who put the elected officials in office. None of us are standing by for more discussion but are prepared to move into action to make sure that democracy prevails and at the very least there is a zoning proposal ready for the people of Boothbay Harbor on May 3.

Paul Coulombe