The significance of fairy doors

Fri, 01/11/2019 - 1:00pm

Go online and you'll see many commercial renditions of a fairy door. They look like miniature human doors, maybe with a whimsical touch.

But, these teeny doors are not just physical points of ingress and egress; they are symbolic of the Wee Folk's eternal struggle with human nature. Fairies used to be our height and dominate areas of green pasture and meadow many centuries ago before humans, in their selfish conquest to possess certain lands, drove them underground.

The truth is, they are portals to the Otherworld. A place no human would ever want to go, for if you do breech protocol, they will keep you out of spite for eternity.

I know it is tempting to try to turn that corkscrew handle of grapevine and just send it creaking on its hinges to see what it is inside.....

But, look around. You think you're alone in the forest and the only one to discover a fairy door? They're waiting, see if you'll pass it unmolested or be tempted to open the door.

This door was made by Tonic of The Woods from tiny birch and grapevine, and real moss from our property. It is one-of-a-kind and can be found at Brambles in Belfast. If you want a custom door, contact us through Etsy.

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