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Thu, 07/09/2020 - 8:15am

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We tend to forget the small kindnesses we do each day. We negate the impact of the simplest things. When we say “ God Bless You” when someone sneezes, when someone is struggling with a door and we open it, when you smile at a stranger and , even under your mask, they know you saw them.

You may not ever know the good you have done, what your impact may impact and if the ripple will go on and on.

It is enough that you go out each day and take some action even if you never know the results.

It is enough that some impact is made with one action, one small kindness at a time.

Society demands that we gather gather gather unto ourselves. Look what that has gotten us. It demands conformity and encourages greed. It is not in the money that we make or spend, but in the time we spend, the memories we make and those priceless precious moments of truth, of goodness and of caring that last a lifetime in the hearts and minds of others.

Trust instead that your own unique efforts , your own imagination and your love can and do make a change, even when you do not know it.

Selflessness does not mean giving away what you have gathered, It means being unafraid to give your greatest gift away again and again. You.

Let go of pretending that being 'good' is a magic blanket from harm and grief. We struggle to reach some unattainable 'goodness' that leaves no room for falling down and getting up again. Bruises are colorful.

We can't stop the things we fear by refusing to see them, We can make small changes that make more small changes that make differences we may never see.

Let the dreams we lose, the friends we lose, know that we loved them as we let them go and allow grief to be part of joy.

If you can hold sorrow close in your arms you can learn to see the hope that can come from the dark places.

The only way to luminous moments is to pass through the shadowy ones.

So when you brush off the dust and set out again in the morning , try to carry one thought with you: You don't know which small thing you do might be rippling on and on impacting others past the time you imagine.

You don't have to see the other side of the ocean to love that it is there.

“Our true wealth is the good we do in this world. None of us has faith unless we desire for our neighbors what we desire for ourselves.”
- Mohammed