letter to the editor

Working with DEP

Mon, 08/26/2019 - 4:00pm

Dear Editor:

Following the publication of the article “West Harbor Pond siphon in jeopardy” in the Aug. 1 issue of the Boothbay Register, there have been related letters on the editorial page in the newspaper. These letters both support and question the siphon technology that has been put into place under the leadership of the West Harbor Pond Watershed Association (WHPWA). The purpose of the siphon is to remove the deoxygenated salt water from the lower levels of West Harbor Pond. In the long term, this will allow the pond to return to the condition of a typical fresh water pond. However, during the siphon’s brief operation in the spring of 2019, those near the siphon’s outlet raised concerns both about the odor from the water and its content. In response to these concerns, the WHPWA voluntarily turned off the siphon temporarily.

The WHPWA is working with the Department of Environmental Protection to ensure that the operation of the siphon complies with the department’s regulations. With the DEP’s assistance, the WHPWA hopes to be able to reach an agreement with those near the siphon’s outlet that provides for the long-term health of the pond while minimizing as far as possible the impact on the pond’s neighbors.

While these discussions are taking place, it is inappropriate for the WHPWA to make any specific response to the letters to the editor.

The WHPWA Board of Directors