Boothbay Region Elementary School

Words of Comfort

Part 1 in a series by BRES fourth graders
Mon, 04/20/2020 - 6:00pm

    Boothbay Region Elementary School fourth graders are sharing their hopes and concerns with the community through “Words of Comfort.” BRES teachers Kathy Hartley and Jennifer Lassen got the idea from renowned cellist Yo Yo Ma’s “Songs of Comfort.” The teachers hope to encourage a connection between students and the community through adults’ responses to them in the following issue. If you would like to respond with your own Words of Comfort, email them to:

    Hi, my name is Owen Cox,

    I’m 10 years old. I like to cook, bake, garden, and jump rope. You should check out my Youtube channel “Chef Owen’s Odd Kitchen.” Besides cooking, I take hikes and I talk to my friends a lot. I think homeschooling is fun. Being cooped up with my brother is boring and horrible. I can’t visit any of my friends. I don’t like my mom working at Hannaford. It scares me. I like being with my family more. I like starting school at 8:00. I like playing technology with my friends longer than usual. Are there any adults who have hard stories from when they were my age?

    I am Adaline Barter,

    I am 10 years old and I am in 4th grade. Before the coronavirus happened I enjoyed Girl Scouts, after school clubs and sports. At first, I was excited school was closed, but then homework strikes! I do not get along with my new teachers, mom and dad, and homework is mostly horrible but I do get a break when I read with my tutor, Pam. I do enjoy math. Gym class is playing outside with my little brother, Jay or taking our dog, Moxie, for a walk. If I did not have my brother I would be bored all the time. We play on our swings and the wrecking ball swing. We also play Minecraft in our free time. I been playing a lot of board games with my family. I play with my American girl dolls a lot. Because we have to stay home all day, I feel pretty sad I don’t get as much laughter with other friends and family. I can’t give Uncle hugs, or see Grammie but I am making the best of it. Uncle thought up an idea to do toe taps instead of hugs during this time. We also give air hugs. I miss real hugs. I talk to friends on FaceTime or Zoom. I’ve drawn pictures and written some letters to my church family. I can’t wait for this to be over because I want to see my Grammie, have sleepovers again, and play mini golf. This life is very different from my normal life and I am unfamiliar with this and I think everyone and myself is having a pretty hard time. To my elders: How did you spend your free time because you did not have electronics? (Because I need some tips.)

    Hi, my name is Lessie White,

    I am 9 years old. I am good at basketball and baseball. I have been playing baseball in my back yard and playing basketball with my sister and my dad and my mom at the court by the school. I am so hoping for this to be over soon. I miss playing sports with my friends.

    My name is Brianna Campbell,

    I am 9 years old. I like gymnastics, soccer, baking and arts and crafts. When the coronavirus started getting bad I was at Disney with my family. Disney was a lot of fun. We also went to Universal Studios and saw the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Disney and Universal closed while we were in Florida. My parents were afraid we would not get our flight home so we had to leave a day early. What I don't like about being isolated because of coronavirus is that I can't see my friends and I have to do homework. (I will never say I don't like school again). What I do like is that I get more time to play. I play school with my little brother Brody. I also get more time outside. We have camp fires and eat dinner on the porch. My brother and I play in our tree house whenever we can. We do sidewalk chalk on my grandmother’s driveway next door. We also take hikes almost every day and lots of four-wheeling behind our house. I get to be pen pals with my friend Allie. I like that I have a lot more time to read. It's kind of like a don't go anywhere vacation! I wonder when I will go back to school or get to see my friends. I wonder when this will all be over. I wonder if this has ever happened to my grandparents’ generation or if anything like this has ever happened before?

    Hi, I am Colby Doucette,

    I am 10 years old and I love to play and watch football. I also enjoy reading and hanging out with my friends. Since I’ve been home on sunny days I've been going outside, jumping on my trampoline and playing pass with my dad. I've also been fishing a few times. These activities help me feel happy and make my life feel a bit more normal. I've been feeling sad and disappointed that I can’t see my friends or play baseball this spring. I’m also feeling worried that someone I know could become sick. Does anyone in our community have any 'back in my day’ stories they can share with me?

    My name is Thomas Hennessy,

    I am 10 years old and was born in Ireland and moved to Maine in 2015. I like to play sports, especially soccer, basketball and football. I have been doing my school work and riding my bike around town since school closed. The first two things that got canceled for me were a basketball game and soccer scrimmage and that was only the beginning. When school was canceled at first I was excited but now it has only been three weeks and I am going crazy. I miss going to school. It is easier to learn when you have a teacher and I miss talking to my friends. I am really bored and everyone in my family is getting on each other’s nerves. I hate the coronavirus. I am annoyed because everything was fine and then the coronavirus came and ruined everything. I am hoping that the coronavirus is gone by July so our summer trip to Ireland won't be canceled!