’Round Town

The Wizard

Wed, 10/14/2020 - 7:00am

Some weekend, when you are looking for something to do, try a short adventure drive to the fascinating “Wizard of Odds and Ends” antiques extravaganza in Head Tide. It is the first right after the world famous Alna Store, a quick peep off Route 218 at 45 Head Tide Road, immediately downstream from the now made-over Head Tide Dam. Richard Plunkett, proprietor, has two great buildings loaded with all sorts of interesting collectibles. And, there is 20-30% off all purchases until the end of November. But, it is a weekends-only place or by appointment.

Mr. Plunkett is truly a wizard of many things! He has been in the antiques business for over 60 years both here in Maine and in New Jersey, on the shore, at Long Beach Island. Coincidentally, that's the first place I actually saw the ocean during a visit with my aunt Louise from Caldwell, New Jersey. Aunt Louise was determined to make a more worldly chap out of me, and ultimately she sort of succeeded. Pennsylvania lacked ocean.

Richard's collection fills two impressive historic buildings in an equally historic Head Tide village. One building was a general store, the other a lumber and feed store. In the late 1800s, this location was the center of life for a bustling community. When exploring Richard's buildings you can see through exposed beams and interior spaces why the substantial construction of the period has held up. Those folks built things to last.

A significant portion of the wizardry of the Wizard comes from a lifelong interest in and study of art and history. Old things have always fascinated him and continue to be his focus. He is a painter with samplings of his work at the local Art Foundation. He is a certified appraiser and a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Portland Landmarks and the Victorian Society of America. His own home, an 1859 Greek revival on Back River, is an ongoing project.

All these interests and activities (and others not listed) provide a broad and varied background which is more readily evident in living color with an in-person visit to Head Tide. It is a step back in time and your tour guide has ample reflection to share. But Richard is not only at his Head Tide location. He volunteers at the St. Andrews Thrift Shop on Tuesday with side visits to the Hannaford grocery emporium by chance. He is perhaps a wee bit less noticeable without his wizard hat and wand, but nonetheless available for consultations.