Wiscasset Police Blotter May 28-June 3

Posted:  Sunday, June 10, 2018 - 4:15pm

Chief Jeff Lange reported the following activity for the week ending June 3:


On June 2, Nicholas Hodgdon, 24, of Wiscasset, was arrested for Operating Under the Influence.


On May 28, Ursula Schumann, 51, of Wiscasset, was summonsed for Domestic Violence Assault.

On May 29, Sarah Brandon, 56, of Steuben, was summonsed for Distracted Driving (texting).

On May 29, Joseph Vincent, 29, of Edgecomb, was summonsed for Failure to Wear Seat Belt.

On May 29, George Bryer, 51, of Boothbay, was summonsed for Failure to Wear Seat Belt.

On May 30, as part of a traffic stop, Grayson Alexander, 24, of Lyme, New Hampshire, was summonsed for Refusing to Submit to Arrest or Detention.


On May 28, police responded to a call about a vehicle in a parking lot damaged by a minor accident. It was determined the accident was non-reportable.

The week had 160 calls for service. Of those, 72 were property checks, 40 traffic or vehicle-related, multiple medical emergencies resulting in transport to a hospital, several cases of lost or found properties, suspicious activities, two cases of domestic disturbance, burglaries, and criminal mischief complaints, and help on road closures due to an accident June 1.

Lange said there has been a rash of thefts from unlocked vehicles. He recommends strongly that cars are not left unlocked for any reason. He said the thefts appear to be crimes of opportunity. The windows are not smashed. Locking the car appears to be the best deterrent. The thieves are looking for small change and other items lying loose in cars.