letter to the editor

Why I’m voting no on school budget

Mon, 06/14/2021 - 3:45pm

    Dear Editor:

    I’m a big proponent of our local schools and want our children to have everything vital for their education. But I’ll be voting no on the upcoming budget vote in the BRHS gym at 6 p.m. on Wed., June 23.

    Simply stated, a yes vote will unnecessarily raise our taxes because there is already a substantial amount of excess cash available.

    I’ve been to all the meetings, looked at all the various excess funds accumulated, reviewed annual surpluses, and listened to the agenda-free accountant talk positively about the very healthy finances. I wonder why the CSD doesn’t just use more of its excess cash to help with the FY2022 budget.

    All that excess money could also be utilized to help pay our teachers fairly. Our teachers are true heroes for constantly adjusting their teaching methods in ever-changing conditions. In the past year, some may have literally risked their lives to perform their jobs. Now they are actually having a great deal of trouble receiving a new contract with pay increases.

    Fortunately, we have a thoughtful school board that is willing to listen to feedback and public concerns if you reach out to them.

    I’ve asked the superintendent and board to explain their position in the Boothbay Register. I told them people would appreciate them being up front and straightforward with everyone about why they felt they couldn’t provide taxpayers any more relief. If it is elsewhere in this paper, please read carefully and consider their rationale before making up your mind.

    Either way, please show up at school meetings to ask questions and vote. And you should do that regardless of where you stand on this particular issue. I firmly believe we need to have more diverse opinions, discussions, and community involvement in regard to our local schools.

    Also, around 6:30 after the budget vote, the boards will take their next steps in the pursuit of a potential new school which may be funded with tens of millions of your taxpayer dollars.

    We’ll undoubtedly spend much time, energy, and effort on a building project, but we should never forget that the people (students, teachers, and taxpayers) are always most important.

    Tom Perkins

    Boothbay Harbor