letter to the editor

White lies and green lies

Mon, 02/11/2019 - 5:15pm

Dear Editor:

Recently my wife and I drove along Route 201 through “The Forks” in northern Maine. As anyone who has been through this area knows, it is beautiful. However, its beauty was marred by frequent signs along side of the road that declared “NO CMP CORRIDOR.” Absent were any signs supporting the CMP corridor.

In recent months CMP’s lobbying arm has blanketed the state with propaganda that on the face of it should raise eyebrows --- 3,500 jobs from a 145 mile transmission line? Really?

Also unanswered is the question of how this corridor will be “protect Maine’s environment.” Like the bloated jobs numbers, they make some impressive statements but according to the Natural Resources Council of Maine, their assertions and completely unsupported by any science.

In this era of fake news, we should take a cautious approach and adopt Missouri’s motto, “Show Me,” and not let CMP, whose own billing and bookkeeping practices leaves us scratching our heads, to run roughshod over our treasured northern Maine woods.

Please join me in urging our legislators to vote no on the corridor proposal until such time that CMP can clearly and verifiably demonstrate its claims.

Fred W. Nehring