letter to the editor

Where have all the Christians gone?

Mon, 08/19/2019 - 5:00pm

Dear Editor:

Our country has been devastated by violent mass shootings and the devaluation of the sanctity of life. “Times they are a-changing.” Hasn't it been evident that the more Christians hide their Christianity, stop teaching values, morals, and the Bible to children that practices disappear and the conditioning of the violence in videos and television desensitize them to the promotion of such?

Christians allow the schools to stop prayer and even the mention of Christ in Christmas carols. Christians are afraid to offend almost everyone but God. They allow Big Bang theories, Darwin's theory, and foreign teachings in schools and yet they forbid the teachings of the Bible. How can they say that children get a rounded education if they aren't even taught about it at home? Ask most children what Easter is and they will tell you the rabbit and Christmas will be the presents. 

This country boasts of its freedom of religion but where has it gone? The sanctity of life, which belongs to our Creator, has been desecrated to assisted suicide. Christians must either be interpreting the Bible their way or not reading it at all. The sixth Commandment is clear when it states, "Thou shalt not kill." The Bible also states that God abhors suicide. Assisted suicide will lead to dire complex issues such as guardians requesting it for the elderly and people who are mentally and/or physically challenged, etc. The legal protection in place will be abused. You can't change the law of God and expect a good outcome.

The leaders of our churches need to act like disciples of Christ and preach the Commandments and the consequences of our actions without worrying about donations in the basket. “Teach your children well.”

Marie Tupper

Boothbay Harbor