Boothbay Region Health Center

We’re here for you

Mon, 03/16/2020 - 4:30pm

    The Boothbay Region Health Center wants you to know that we will remain open and available Monday thru Saturday as long as our staff remains healthy. If you believe you may have the coronavirus, we will screen you by phone and instruct you further, based on that screening.

    We're offering telemedicine appointments for anyone who wants to stay in their home and have a consult with one of our primary care, mental health, or social work providers. We'll schedule a time and send you a link you can access by smartphone or internet-connected computer. You'll be able to see and talk with one of our providers and get diagnosed and treated without leaving the comfort of your own home, and without risking the health of you or our staff.

    Many people are feeling anxious and overwhelmed. We can help you deal with that anxiety. A visit with Jennie McNeil, our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will provide comfort and reassurance. Or, if you aren't feeling physically well and want to feel better, Physician's Assistant, Andy Zuber will be happy to help. Don't neglect your health while you're socially isolating. 98% of the people who get sick or have aches and pains do not have the COVID-19 virus. We can help. You don't need to suffer needlessly. Call us today! You can come in for an appointment or do a video appointment.

    We welcome same day Walk-ins (patients without appointments), but we ask that you call ahead to answer a few screening questions before you walk in our door. Our number is 633-1075. You'll notice our lobby is almost completely empty, other than chairs, this is to reduce the host of germs. You can visit us safely without fear of infection.