letter to the editor

We love the ‘Eastside’ as is

Posted:  Monday, December 11, 2017 - 5:00pm

We live on the “Eastside” of Boothbay Harbor. We love the Eastside. We love our view of the harbor from our home and workplace.

Nineteen years ago we chose to live and to invest in the Eastside. We opened a retail business, Joy To The Wind Gallery and Custom Picture Framing Service, just across the street from the now former Rocktide Inn.

We have hundreds of neighbors who have collectively spent millions of dollars purchasing and/or upgrading their properties on the Eastside. These  residential properties vary in use from rental investments and second homes to primary residences that many of us call home all year long. We are all part of a charming “Eastside” neighborhood. We developed within the confines of the existing building codes and ordinances with an occasional variance request.

The Eastside has become a very coveted place to live even as real estate prices continue to rise. One reason for this is our variety of restaurants, which all offer views of the Harbor, varying price points (affordable to expensive) and casual to formal venues.

We love our neighborhood on the Eastside. We moved here and invested here not because of what the Eastside “could be,” rather for what the Eastside ”is” and hopefully will remain.

John Seitzer

Boothbay Harbor