letter to the editor

Voting for Biden

Mon, 09/14/2020 - 2:30pm

Dear Editor:

“Losers” and “Suckers.” or “Duty, Honor, and Country.” If you were asked to attribute those words describing America’s service members to our current presidential candidates, what would you say? Who reportedly described veterans as losers? Who responded by citing duty, honor, and country as the motivations of every active service member?

Words matter. They reflect our fundamental beliefs, perhaps even a glimpse into our souls. In the Sept. 3 Register, a letter appeared written by my friend, neighbor, and Southport selectman, Smith Climo. As would be expected, the partisan letter described one candidate in disparaging terms, the other could do no wrong. We are accustomed to this, but what followed next was quite surprising.

Smith recommended that a voter could support one candidate in public statements, etc. and then go into the voting booth and pull the lever for the other candidate. I assume this was aimed at the “closet Trumper,” if there are such things. For the record, if it had been directed toward “closet Bideners,” it would still be disturbing.

I was taught to be true to one’s word, to look at all sides and to stand up for what you believe. These beliefs are under attack today, partially because we have a president who is morally bankrupt. I may be a “sucker” or a “loser” but I will do on Nov. 3rd what I have promised. I will vote for the man who believes in “duty, honor, and country.”

Margi Spratt