letter to the editor

Vote no on question 1 March 3

Mon, 02/17/2020 - 4:15pm

Dear Editor:

I am writing to inform voters about Question 1 on the March 3 ballot. This question relates to the mandates for certain (not all) vaccines for children attending school and daycare. Maine has a very high opt out rate for these vaccines, putting community immunity at risk. Community immunity protects people who cannot be vaccinated, infants, children and adults receiving chemotherapy, and other vulnerable populations such as the elderly and pregnant women, against preventable and potentially serious illnesses. However, community immunity requires that a very high proportion of people be vaccinated. Maine falls below the 95% vaccination rates that typically provide safe communities. Science tells us these vaccines are safe, effective, and protective for the individual and the community. Medical exemptions for children for whom vaccination would be dangerous will continue to be allowed.

As a nurse, epidemiologist, and public health advocate, I will vote no. Whether or not you intend to vote in the March 3 primary, please join me in voting no on Question 1. Keep our schools and communities safe and healthy. Thank you.

Lee Lucas

East Boothbay