letter to the editor

Vote for Harmon and Lewis

Mon, 04/19/2021 - 4:00pm

    Dear Editor:

    I’m writing to encourage Boothbay’s citizens to re-elect Dale Harmon and Steven Lewis for the town’s Board of Selectmen. I served with Dale and Stevie on the Select Board from May, 2017 until July, 2020, and will vote for them because each man has professional knowledge and practical experience required to meet the town’s contemporary challenges. Together, these two men have been public servants for 50 years: Dale at the Boothbay Region Water District; Stevie at the Region’s Refuse Disposal District. While holding these jobs, both men volunteered for other public duties: at the Boothbay Region Ambulance Service (Steve), and to be a part of the Joint Economic Development Committee (Dale). From their work, both men know all areas of the town and the needs of its citizenry very well. They’ve also resolved such conflicts as a dispute with the Botanical Gardens regarding its use of land. Both men were instrumental in devising the consent decree that settled the matter.

    Mr. Lewis and Mr. Harmon sent their children to Boothbay’s public schools; two of them went on to college. Both men hope these young people return here and find useful lives. After this last year of dealing with COVID-19, and new effects caused by people coming to Maine to escape the urban congestion that fueled the coronavirus, Boothbay now faces fierce challenges to create good (not seasonal) jobs for its citizens, and to provide affordable housing.

    Neither man needs introduction to the town’s budgetary matters, nor to the affairs of the Planning Board and the Board of Appeals. Said most simply: Mr. Harmon and Mr. Lewis will continue the Board of Selectmen’s work without interruption.

    I’ll add that Chairman Lewis and Vice Chairman Harmon observe all public record requirements of the state of Maine, and both men are alert to conflicts of interest among selectmen.

    I’ll eagerly vote for Mr. Harmon and Mr. Lewis, and encourage voters in Boothbay – particularly those who voted for me in 2017 – to do the same.

    Kristina Ford

    East Boothbay