letter to the editor

A vote of confidence for Michael Tomko

Posted:  Monday, April 15, 2019 - 5:15pm

Dear Editor:

As a resident of Southport I will not be able to vote for Michael Tomko for Boothbay Harbor Selectman, but if you can, the community of Boothbay Harbor would be well served by Michael’s reelection.

My husband and I have owned a home on Southport since 2000 and I met Michael shortly after returning from overseas to live year-round on the peninsula in 2010. I would be hard pressed to name anyone I have met over the last 19 years who is more fervent in his support of this region than Michael.

Coupled with his steadfast and unabashed passion for promoting Boothbay Harbor and the surrounding area, Michael has demonstrated, through many years of civic participation, that he possesses both the skills and willingness to take on some of the heavy lifting involved in guiding a community toward healthy growth while respecting and preserving the character and history of our lovely region. He understands that viable jobs, both seasonal and year-round, are of paramount importance for injecting new life into the region and that good housing must be created to accommodate those who will choose to live, work and grow their families here. He is supportive of local business and is a friend to the community organizations that work tirelessly to make Boothbay Harbor a wonderful place to visit and to live.

No stranger to the challenges Boothbay Harbor is facing, Michael views the work ahead as an opportunity to engage all local stakeholders in the promotion of responsible growth while safeguarding a quality of life that benefits all who are lucky enough to live in the Boothbay region.

A vote for Michael is a vote for a healthy Boothbay Harbor!

Carole Zalucky