letter to the editor

A vendetta

Posted:  Monday, August 6, 2018 - 5:30pm

Dear Editor:

OK, let’s get to the truth about the east side zoning discussion. After all the letters I have read and the meetings I have attended, it is clear to me that many people are against the east side zoning changes not because they think it hurts the working waterfront (because it clearly doesn’t and that has been explained many times), but rather because they are against anything that Mr. Coulombe supports, and frankly, I just don’t get that.

The Lafayette group owns four hotels in town but no one complains that they are taking over the town, and there are other people that own multiple hotels and/or B&Bs in the region, but I don’t hear complaints about them either. Instead, these people would rather prevent growth and re-construction on the east side that sorely needs it, just to stop Mr. Coulombe from building anything there, and that is just disgraceful. These people are not friends of the harbor; this is a vendetta and they should be ashamed.

Mike McBride

Boothbay Harbor