Tue, 11/23/2021 - 11:00am

Since turkeys don't generally fly very high, I thought it might be fun to share a view from air space more frequently occupied by seagulls and other flying objects. This is not a drone-created image.

A couple years back during an autumn mission departing from Wiscasset Municipal Airport, it was not uncommon to fly above the seagulls. The little Cessna “172” chugged along quite nicely as it climbed and made the turn toward Boothbay on a lovely day in late October.

There was a little turbulence as we flew up through bumps that often accompany coastal air. With the window open the fresh air helped to keep my pre-flight snack in place. If I overheat in the small cockpit of the Cessna, it’s “Katie bar the door,” and a fast return to base. My tolerance for updrafts and downdrafts is not great. In a small plane, green is not a good color to become!

So off we went into the wild blue yonder taking in all the sights along the way. Over Edgecomb and inland waters. Over Barter's Island and out to sea. Around Ocean Point, up Linekin Bay to East Boothbay and on to the Damariscotta River. Wonderful views often observed but never taken for granted.

Boothbay Harbor looks pretty packed from the air. I guess that's because it is. But driving the streets of town, one section at a time, is a different perspective. From the air, all viewed at once, makes a different impression. Open space along the water is rare. As some would say, “They aren't making waterfront property anymore.” Back from the water a bit, there is more “open” land.

As we approach our new winter season, the fall and leaves and color go away, as expected. We are entering the season of reduction – fewer people, less activity and different priorities. For “year-rounders” the tempo changes. We see more of each other. We are more gracious on the roads and life in general is more serene, even as seen from the air.

The return flight to the Wiscasset airport is always nice, especially with no turkeys on the approach! Until next time, be well.