letter to the editor

Truth wins, conspiracy loses

Mon, 07/01/2019 - 5:00pm

Dear Editor:

In 2012 the Sandy Hook shooting occurred. Media published the event, including victim names and families. More than eight newspapers published the story, including New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, The Atlantic, Britannica facts and Timelines, BBC news, and the Guardian, exposing student Adam Lanza as the gunman.

Despite the truthful footage, of police on board and many families arriving to find their child had died from the gunman; Alex Jones extended seven years of the pain and suffering for all families of victims by causing a group of people to believe his inaccurate and brain distorted conspiracy theory.

Recently an article in Scientific American opened the causes of psychological brain issues of deniers as well as conspiracy theorists. Someone like Alex Jones is able to control or compel people to believe his theories. In one case not only did Jones accuse a father who lost his 6-year-old son at Sandy Hook, to be a hoax and/or an actor, but the father’s life was threatened by conspiracy callers until the father and other grieving families filed a lawsuit after the conspiracy was published in a book as if it was real.

Finally the courts concluded that people who phoned death threats, called the father a hoax and/or published a fraudulent book that contains no facts, were irresponsible and owed the grieving families an apology. Perhaps some believe any or all conspiracy theories due to psychological conditions of their brain, but what was the excuse for the publisher of a book? As noted above the facts were easy to research. All facts of the event made it clear to police officers who was the guilty shooter. All officers knew the family member names, including Lenny Pozner whose life was forever changed when he lost his son.

Baseless theories threaten our safety and democracy. Some people are prone to conspiracy theory thinking. as by-products of psychological recognition, threat management, or alliance detection that causes fear.when detecting dangerous coalitions. No parent should be denied time for grief or need a lawsuit to stop death threats. Finally, truth supplants seven years of grief and lies.

Jarryl Larson